It’s out now!

Our most recent EP Off the Grid released last month for digital download atiTuneseMusic, and everywhere else you can download digital music. You can of course also by a hard copy directly from our website where we released the disc a few months ago. We even added some new gear to our web store so be sure to check that out. Who cares about losing jobs when you can wear a CAbP t-shirt?

Oh, and while you now have some extra time on your hands, don’t hesitate to read every page of the 407-Page Stimulus Act. Find out how to get back on your feet with the help of Uncle Sam. Let’s make sure these funds are put to good use. Hey, it’s your money to begin with!

The new disc features three original tunes as well as a couple remixes of “Media Man” from our late 2007 album (A) Move to Silent Unrest. Included are:
1. (A Warm) Global Warning
2. Ich Fumbus Grossen
3. Nobody Likes a Prima Donna
4. Media Man (radio edit)
5. Media Man (Backseat Bingo Remix)

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