Our Southeast tour was a grand ole time.  It ends our 2008 tour year for us with a sweep through (mostly) Tennessee, Georgia, and a memorable stop at the Bear Creek Festival in the Florida panhandle.  Truly a great spot for a festival and the music was superb with performances by Soulive, Ivan Neville, Robert Walters, and the New Mastersounds, to name some highlights.  Lots of instrumental driven funk stuff, and to my personal enjoyment, a whole ton of Hammond B3 organ tunes.  The rest of 2008 involves a show at the newly opened Morse Theater in Rogers Park in Chicago, a one-off to play at Off Broadway in St. Louis, and a New Years Eve show at Reggie’s on Chicago’s near south side.  A Florida and Southeast tour happens again in January, this time taking us down to the southern reaches of the state.  We can hardly wait.

It’s been a great year of touring, seeing old friends, and meeting new people on the road.  Looking forward to some great show opportunities in 2009.  One last thing:  Don’t start the winter holidays too soon.  Revel in the the continuing FALL season with things like corn-a-copias, clay pots full of hay and corn husks, gords and squashes, Indian corn–items like that.  Please REFRAIN from putting up winter decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving.  Thanks, and see you in 2009 (unless you live in Chicago or St. Louis).  PEACE!!

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