Gear Stolen in Kansas City!

March 2, 2015

Sunday night in Kansas City our trailer lock was clipped. A lot of our gear was stolen. Unique stuff. Vintage one of a kind instruments. If anyone sees this gear on the scene please let us know. The cops say they’ll try to pawn it. There is a chance we could get some back. Not hopeful, but here is the gear list. It sucks people are so bad off they do things like this. #FixTheSystem


  1. Gibson Les Paul guitar
  2. Fender squire bass
  3. Hofner Very Thin Standard hollow body guitar
  4. Nord Lead 2
  5. Hammond XK-1
  6. Vintage drum set

Please contact us if any of this shows up.

70’s Gibson Les Paul guitar

  • “Black beauty”
  • Black body, gold hardware
  • Paint is worn on back of neck from use, so brown wood is showing
  • There is a small circle dent on the body near the edge by the strap. It’s the size of a few pinheads
  • Gold pickups are original and worn, showing signs of clear use. Uneven paint finish
  • Was in a brown leather “Gibson” case

2000’s Hofner “Verythin Standard”

  • Hollow body
  • Natural, light brown finish with tiger-esque stripes
  • “Hofner” name plate is missing at the headstock, so the neck adjustment screw shows
  • Was in a brown Hofner case with the last neck buckle missing


  • 20″ NFL football leather cymbals only brand cymbal bag with front pocket full which contains ziplock back of drum hardware supplies, both zippers were fixed with paper clips and white gaff tape, no serial # for bag; with following cymbals inside
  • 13″ zildjian a. Custom hihat most logos gone with sharpie hand writing printing under bell, no serial # but a factory branded stamp is on top.
  • 13″ zildjian k. hihat with terrible keyhole,, clutch was still on a. custom top, no serial number but there is a factory branded stamp on top.
    (both were in a vintage a. zildjian hihat bag)
  • 20″ wuhan medium ride with repaired crack in middle/body of cymbal (has worn sale sticker underneath), no serial #, WUHAN MED-RIDE is printed on top.
  • 18.5″ a. zildjian china with rivets 60s, no logos, 2 rivets installed, no serial # but there is a factory branded stamp, one of the rivet holes is in the middle of the body of the cymbal and shows small cracks around that particular hole.

Drum Set

  • 6.5×14 hard bop snare drum: block construction snare drum, dark brown color with a couple blonde wood highlight, in a black beato pro1 bag with foam cushioning at bottom of bag, black duvet cloth inside bottom of bag, on the inside of snare is the brand name “Hard Bop” written inside with silver paint sharpie, no outside badge, no vent hole, emperor remo top drum head & bottom ambassador snare side head, super-wide gretsch snare wires, nickel works clear/transparent throw off, snare cables/ribbons are green-yellow-orange-white, no serial #, just name written inside.
  • 14×20 Gretsch square badge bass drum: 1980s, natural maple lacquer color, inside a beato pro 1 bag, with square Yamaha throne top inside on top of bass drum & extra clear remo head on top of bass drum, spurs/legs are in a green felt bag also on top of bass drum, bass drum mount on top of bass drum shell is a yamaha bass drum mount with my printed handwriting that reads on three sides “DRILLED MOUNT NOT DRUM”, all original, paper serial tag if it’s still there should read something VERY CLOSE to MODEL 4416 SERIAL # 30072
  • 13×15 modern drum shop nesting floor tom: purple glass glitter color, die cast rims, inside a black beato pro 1 bag, there are felt bumpers on side of drum near modern drum shop logo badge & there is a worn scratch near that area as well, on top of floor tom is the bass drum pedal in its grey bag, on top of floor tom is a Port-a-Stand music stand top section in a blue nylon bag, separating the drum from the gear on top is a handmade K ZILDJIAN cloth, the 7×12 tom tom was nesting inside this floor tom in a blue jean denim bag, no serial # just MODERN DRUM SHOP badge on outside
  • 7×12 modern drum shop tom tom: champagne/bermuda sand glass glitter color, die cast rims, nested inside nesting floor tom, both inside black beato pro 1 bag, this tom tom was inside a blue jean denim bag, no serial # just MODERN DRUM SHOP badge on outside.
  • Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance brand bass drum pedal: in grey carrying bag/bag which shows wear and carrying strap was cut off by me, footboard of pedal has two griptape pieces on it, there is a drum key inside the bag, there is also two spur mount stabilizers in the bag as well, no serial number.
  • Leather drum stick bag: Brown leather color, Cac-sac brand stick bag with black shoulder strap – (mallets sticks brushes drum keys metronome, mostly promark brands with many singles of other companies, two pair of brushes nylon wire), cac-sac logo is near bottom/front pocket, there are no leather string in the eyelets i took those out, no serial # on bag or sticks etc.

70’s Fender Squire

  • Natural wood finish
  • Black pick guard

Hammond XK-1 Organ

Nord Lead 2 Keyboard

Bass Head/ Cables

Guitar Pedals/Cables

  • All are on a powered pedaltrain pedal board with gray soft case
  • Elecrtro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb
  • Wampler Tweed ‘57
  • Overtone OCD
  • Vox Wah Wah
  • Ernie Ball volume pedal
  • Two monster cables and all cables between pedals

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