What’s up, ya’ll?

Ahh… the economy. It’s on everyone’s mind. But there’s no better way to put aside recession blues than to head to an afrobeat show. Whether our country is beginning to bounce back from the economic downturn or not, the CAbP tour machine hits the road again this weekend with a quick run east. We stop at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis on Friday, 4/10 and at Brothers Lounge in Cleveland on Saturday, 4/11.

In other news we’re deep into our next studio project — probably a little over halfway complete with the entire album. We have more recording to do in the next couple months, and we’ll then dig into the intense editing/mixing phase in late June.
We’re taking a different conceptual approach to this work which will surprise both critics and fans a like. Plenty of special Chicago guests will be featured as is the case with our other albums, but the overall sound is different for us this round. It’s still CAbP, but we’re approaching the songwriting from a different mindset — and keeping a tight seal on all the surprises.
We’re working on the project over at Fullerton Recording Studios in Logan Square run by our keyboardist and engineering whiz Kevin Ford. Check it out:
We’ll see you this weekend:
Friday, 4/10 – Indianapolis, IN
The Jazz Kitchen
10 pm
Saturday, 4/11 – Cleveland, OH
Brother’s Lounge
10 pm
supported by: Groove Prophets
Peace people!

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