Phillyist: “CAbP brings the funk to Phila”

This article originally appeared in the Phillyist.

We knew we were in for a treat this weekend when we saw three different drum stations crammed on the small stage area of World Cafe Live Upstairs. A pair of conga drums were sandwiched between a snare drum set and a regular drum kit. One by one, the artists from Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) strolled out onto the stage. There were indeed three different percussionists, two saxophone players, an organist, a guitarist, and a five-string bassist.


New York Cool: “Chicago Afrobeat Project – El Dia de Chango”

This article originally appeared in New York Cool.

On Monday December 04, 2006 Chicago Afrobeat Project will make its second appearance to New York City. This time at SOBs. Chicago Afrobeat Project has been creating their own unique blend of afrobeat with a ‘Chicago’ twist for four years now. This east coast tour is in support of debut ablum self titled album which has spent the past 13 weeks in the CMJ New World Charts. The evening will begin at 8:00 with Juan Carlos Formell and SON RADICAL as part of the Day of Chango Celebration and Chicago Afrobeat Project will hit the stage at 10:00 PM.