This week we’re off to Middlebury, VT and NYC, NY.  On Friday, we’re performing at MIddlebury University, then chugging over to Harlem for a show at the Shrine.  Looking forward to some leisurely driving and some nice “tree action” on the way.  It appears we’ll be back on the road in our tour bus for this one now that our vehicle is supposedly no longer akin to a bike with square wheels. Later in the fall, we’re booked for 2 weeks in the Southeastern US ending up at Bear Creek Music Festival with stops in Nashville, Athens GA, Chattanooga, and other fine Southern towns.  And don’t forget that we’re playing a Halloween show at “Camp Zoe” in Missouri.  Our bus may be converted to a haunted house thrill ride that takes you around the country leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere with strange “locals” milling around who want to ‘help you out”!

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