Back to High Noon Saloon in Madison again on Thursday this week (Oct 9), then up the U.P. for 2 back to back shows at Upfront and Co. in Marquette, MI.  Madison has been a consistently fun town to play in for us.  We’ve been to some great after parties.  Angelo even got a free frozen pizza at one of them, way back when.  We shared the stage with our comrades 56 Hope Road last time.  This time around the dub/hop-hop group Nama Rupa is opening for us.  Marquette is sure to please, if for nothing else than the calzones at Upfront.  We look forward to seeing some of our friends who are stranded up in that remote area, mostly studying for a college degree.  Can’t say we haven’t enjoyed our share of debauchery in that part of the country as well.  The friendly staff at Ramada Inn, the lovely waitresses, Uncle What’s-His-Name’s canoe rental outfit–it all adds up to a grand time.  Soon the waters of Lake Superior will ice over and the Marquetians will hunker down for another frigid winter.  Not before we warm their hearts with a sizzlin’ hot riff!  Let me interject right now quickly thatSarah Palin sucks!! See you soon y’all.  Get out the VOTE!!!

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