We made it back from a highly encouraging California tour.  Our first time there was a total blast.  After driving nearly 40 straight hours to San Diego via the “Route 66” way, we met up with Particle for a show in Solana Beach.  The following night’s show in LA was off the hook with Rhythm and Roots All Stars opening up.  Several members of that band were acquaintances from Colorado days for a few of us, so there was a strange “small world” vibe to it, not to mention that the crowd was off the hook.  San Francisco was equally good with an old friend Jason Thor sitting in on trombone, normally seen with Brian Setzer Orchestra–a serious west coast hitter who’s recorded with Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder.  We spent NYE in San Fran at a small bar called the Fishbowl.  Angelo got lost and ended up at IHOP, Garick was knocked over by drunk females (accidentally),  and we all got…well….drunk as all hell.   If we can avoid blowing up another diesel engine, we’ll be sure to try that run again sometime.  Word up to Shamrock Texas, and a nod to Clay and the boys.  We’ll be taking donations for a new diesel engine at all our shows for the next 2 years.  Don’t forget the late night Kinetic Playground series back in effect in January (first Saturday, the 6th), and February with special guests in the works….

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