This article originally appeared on Afropop Worldwide by Arthuer Beranger.

A couple of weeks ago we premiered the energetic and socially charged “Race Hustle,” from Chicago Afrobeat Project’s upcoming album What Goes Up. This time the band comes back with a more laid-back and modern feel on Fela Kuti’s music, with help again from his original drummer, maestro Tony Allen.

No Bad News” showcases the spirit of CAbP to perfection—putting an up-to-date touch on traditional Afrobeat sounds—as well as their hard-earned mastery of the style. The low-key blending of Kiara Lanier‘s ultra-smooth vocals and harmonies with bubbling guitars and electric piano, topped by great emceeing by Legit, produces a subtle, rich and highly enjoyable sound. According to Kevin Ford, the group’s keyboard player, “That subtlety comes from letting the power of the music just happen, not pushing it too hard.” Adding “I feel like a lot of Fela’s songs have that understated power. It’s tricky for a lot of bands to get that to happen. It took us years to learn that.” It is definitely happening here, hear for yourselves:

What Goes Up is set for release on Sept. 15.