CAbP Summer Tour…

It’s a lot like last year’s summer tour, but longer and more bad-ass!  Also, with any luck, we’ll be burning a great deal of waste veggie oil this time.  Hopefully our engine won’t explode driving up mountains with the distinct smell of freedom fries blowing out the exhaust pipe.  Highlights include:

  • Teusday, June 24th: our first time in Missoula, MT at ‘The Loft’
  • Monday, June 30th at the new Yoshi’s in San Fran
  • A first stop in Santa Cruz at Moes, July 1st
  • July 4th and 5th at High Sierra Music Festival
  • A return to Temple Bar in LA on July 8th
  • Fox Theater on July 12th

Check out the “Performances” section in the links above to see our full summer tour schedule, which also includes stops in Boise and McCall, Idaho; two festival dates in Salt Lake City, a return to San Diego, CA and Denver, CO to name a few more.   ANY TIPS ON WHERE TO FIND CLEAN, VEGETARIAN WASTE VEGGIE OIL ARE OF GREAT SIGNIFICANCE TO OUR CAUSE AND THE GREATER ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE!
Special thanks to KCRW for our return to Temple Bar in Santa Monica, CA….

More Midwest touring…

This week brings us down to the Kansas City, MO, Lawrence, KS, and up to Lincoln, NE.  We’re playing the Bottleneck in Lawrence on Friday for the 1st time.  Should be exciting.  We’ve played through a few peoples’ entire college experience in that town now that we’ve been at it for a few years.  In other news, Angelo, our tenor sax player as we all know, has been down with the Chicken Pox of all things for a few weeks. We’re rootin’ for him, as well as the entire 3rd grade class at Lincoln Park Elementary.  No connection between the two really other than the Chicken Pox, but it’s good to rally the cause.

Wisconsin Theater Weekend

Late February is taking us to a few spots in Wisconsin.  We’re performing at the Racine Theater Guild on the 28th and doing a ‘leap year’ performance at the Alvord Theater at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin.  The Ashland show is free and open to the public.  In other news, we’ll be starting another recording phase in March and have a 4 song EP coming out soon also.  Happy Winter….