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“We are focused on the war against drugs /
We are focused on the war against terror /
But what we need to be focused on…
Is the war against the middle class.
The battle for minimum wage /
The battle for health care /
The battle for decent schools /
Without the middle, 
The structure will come tumbling down.”

New lyrics from Squair Blaq of Chicago Afrobeat Project added to the Marvin Gaye classic.

“Inner City Blues Makes Ya Wanna Holler (Marvin Gaye)” Chicago Afrobeat Project will appear on “Nyash UP!” the band’s fourth studio album to date, and its first since 2008. “Nyash UP!” will release officially on February 26, 2013 from CAbP Music.  The band celebrates its 10-year anniversary and the album’s release on December 15, 2012 at The Double Door with its friend The Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, Fatbook and Bloco Maximo.

“Inner City Blues Makes Ya Wanna Holler (Marvin Gaye)” features Chicago vocalists Ugochi and Squair Blaq.











Photos: Squair Blaq & Ugochi

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