World Music Central Reviews "What Goes Up"

December 13th, 2017

This article by Tom Orr appeared originally on World Music Central. As a longtime fan of Afrobeat music, I was greatly interested when I heard that Chicago Afrobeat Project would be collaborating with drummer Tony Allen. Allen, after all, was the man behind the kit for all of Fela Kuti’s groundbreaking records and was just as instrumental (pun absolutely intended) in creating the Afrobeat style. What Goes Up (Chicago Afrobeat Project, 2017) does not disappoint. Allen’s...Read more »

From the Trib: "Chicago Afrobeat Project thrives alongside Fela collaborator"

December 5th, 2017

This article by Greg Kot originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune. In some ways, the Chicago Afrobeat Project’s decade-plus career had been building to the moment in 2013 when band members found themselves in the same recording studio with one of their heroes, Tony Allen, the drummer on many of the greatest recordings by Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti in the 1970s. Afrobeat, a rhythmically demanding, politically charged interpretation of American soul and R&B that Fela popularized in...Read more »

CHIRP Reviews "What Goes Up"

October 12th, 2017

This article by Mike Nikolich originally appeared on CHIRP. As a teenager, I began listening to African stations via shortwave radio, a hobby I still enjoy today. Through this medium, I discovered West African artists like King Sunny Ade, Malian guitar virtuoso Ali Farka Touré and Nigerian superstar Fela Kuti. Throughout the late 1980’s and 1990’s, my wife and I were regulars at the legendary Equator Club, near Broadway and Lawrence, and we had the chance to...Read more »

Exclaim! Reviews "What Goes Up"

October 9th, 2017

This article by Jason Parker Quinton originally appeared on Exclaim! The righteous assertions of Afrobeat's sonic revolution are most present in our culture as polyrhythms that are pervasive in genres from pop to hip-hop. This record by the venerable Chicago Afrobeat Project continues their legacy of releasing music true to the tradition of Fela Kuti while including pieces of blues, jazz, hip-hop and other strands that inflect the sound of the Windy City. For this magnificent collage,...Read more »

World Beat Int'l Reviews "What Goes Up"

September 29th, 2017

This article originally appeared on World Beat International. Pizza and music; one ultimately edible and one possibly edifying, both consumed in great quantities around North America. And, every US major city tries to put it own spin on both. You have your New York style big slice, your Chicago deep dish, Philadelphia tomato pie, St. Louis thin crust or Los Angeles ... whatever the weird they throw on crust and call pizza. I'm getting to a...Read more »

ThrdCoast Reviews "What Goes Up"

September 27th, 2017

This article by Laura Kerry originally appeared on ThrdCoast. For the last 15 years, a varying group of musicians has met in Chicago lofts and studios to create around their shared love of Afrobeat music. Since 2012, Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) has released four albums and developed a unique sound that combines West African beats, jazz instrumentation and melodies, and a range of elements from other genres, from funk to indie. Inviting different members and artists to contribute and...Read more »

Popmatters Reviews "What Goes Up"

September 26th, 2017

This article by Adriane Pontecorvo originally appeared on Popmatters. Can there be any greater thrill for a band, especially one with love and appreciation for Afrobeat, than getting to work with Tony Allen? If the Chicago Afrobeat Project’s new collaboration with Allen is any indication, there’s nothing better than the music that comes from working with the legendary Afrobeat founder. Not a single track holds back as the group plays fiery, modern funk with Allen’s intense...Read more »

Mild Sauce Features "No Bad News" Video

September 21st, 2017

This article by Jake Krez originally appeared on Mild Sauce. This city is filled with talent which means that when releases hit, they could come from well-known artists as well as after-school programs, college-courses, activist groups or any number of local boiling pots of art that have come to characterize the city in recent years. True to form, the Chicago Afrobeat Project teamed up with a healthy contingent of the city’s talent in Kiara Lanier, Legit...Read more »

"Highlighted Releases – Week of 9/8/2017: 'What Goes Up'" from KFAI Minneapolis - St. Paul

September 20th, 2017

This review appeared on the WFAI website. It’s not just the twin cities that have been ripe with afropop revitalization the last few years. The band teamed up with Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen and a whole mess of Chicago emcees before tossing together this gem. From Nigerian phrasing (Igbo) to gospel, the vocals cover almost as many ranges as the music. As if this wasn’t enough, the cover art is also stellar. Get your feet...Read more »

"Chicago Afrobeat Project drops their video for “No Bad News” featuring Legit, Tony Allen & Kiara Lanier" from Fake Shore Drive

September 17th, 2017

This write-up by Andrew Barber originally appeared on Fake Shore Drive. This is dope and refreshing. Something fresh from the Chicago Afrobeat Project, featuring assistance from Legit storied drummer Tony Allen and songstress Kiara Lanier. The clip is well-played and focuses on choosing that positive energy instead of embracing the negative. I think it’s something we could all get behind. more »

New York Times Playlist: "The Playlist: Sam Smith Guards His Heart, and 12 More New Songs"

September 14th, 2017

This article by Giovanni Russonello originally appeared in The New York Times. Tony Allen puts a lot of respect into each drum stroke. He’s not a quick or flashy player; with him, your ear zooms out slowly: The full structure of a beat comes into view only after you’ve appreciated its components. Mr. Allen, who was the de facto musical director of Fela Kuti’s band, now lives in Paris, but lately he’s been working in the United...Read more »

"Review: WHAT GOES UP" from Afropop Worldwide

September 14th, 2017

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This review by Derek Rath originally appeared on Afropop Worldwide. Afrobeat has a much-traveled history. With all the shuttling of ingredients across the pond between Africa and the United States, it could have earned enough frequent flyer miles to go many times around the world–first class. Which in many ways it really has. It was of course Fela Ransome Anikulapo Kuti who was the instigator and predominant driving force of Afrobeat. In the ’60s he had a...Read more »

"Radar: Chicago Afrobeat Project | What Goes Up" from Globetrotter

September 5th, 2017

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This article by Berre Wangge originally appeared on Globetrotter. It takes a village to record an album. That much rings true for Chicago Afrobeat: the group enlisted the help of the legendary drummer Tony Allen and a score of musicians to create their latest, titled What Goes Up - due for release September 29th. Motivated by the members’ admiration for Afrobeat and Fela Kuti, the group set out to invite Allen to Chicago for a series of events “as part of the musician’s hope of passing along...Read more »


August 25th, 2017

This article originally appeared on Afropop Worldwide by Arthuer Beranger. A couple of weeks ago we premiered the energetic and socially charged “Race Hustle,” from Chicago Afrobeat Project’s upcoming album What Goes Up. This time the band comes back with a more laid-back and modern feel on Fela Kuti’s music, with help again from his original drummer, maestro Tony Allen. “No Bad News” showcases the spirit of CAbP to perfection—putting an up-to-date touch on traditional Afrobeat sounds—as well as their...Read more »

"Tickling Our Fancy 053: Chicago Afrobeat Project, Deben Bhattacharya, Odd Nosdam, Širom, Nosaj Thing" from Monolith Cocktail blog

August 21st, 2017

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This article originally appeared on Monolith Cocktail by Dominic Valvona. Starting life as a shifting collective of musicians jamming in a artist’s loft, channeling the fervor of Afrobeat’s progenitor Fela Kuti, the Chicago Afrobeat Project initially covered the Nigerian icon’s back catalogue before developing their own variant style. Transducing the sound of downtown Lagos and the Afro-Spot nightclub via the rich musical heritage of their own native metropolis, the group, now settling with a regular lineup, open the studio...Read more »

"Interview: Chicago Afrobeat Project's Kevin Ford talks about upcoming album 'What Goes Up'" from

August 17th, 2017

This article originally appeared on By Kevin Wierzbicki Afrobeat music, a genre with its roots in Nigeria that was virtually invented by the late great Fela Kuti, is known primarily for two things: It is constructed of stretched-out grooves that put listeners in a mood to dance all night, and, because of Fela’s outspoken nature and his constant battles with authority, Afrobeat songs are also known for their no-holds-barred lyrical take on societal ills. Both of those...Read more »

"Chicago Afrobeat Project and Tony Allen ask What Goes Up" from Music Africa

August 7th, 2017

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This article originally appeared on Music Africa. by Oris Aigbokhaevbolo Chicago Afrobeat Project is set to release its fifth album, What Goes Up, on 29 September. The album features Tony Allen on each of its 10 tracks. The initial plan, according to the band, was to record a couple of songs with the Fela collaborator and co-creator of the Afrobeat sound. That changed with a declaration from the drummer. “We’re not recording two tracks,” he said. “We’re recording 10 tracks for an album.”...Read more »

"Afropop Premiere: Chicago Afrobeat Project's 'Race Hustle'" from Afropop Worldwide

August 4th, 2017

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This article originally appeared on Afropop Worldwide. Afropop is pleased to premiere Chicago Afrobeat Project’s new single, “Race Hustle,” from the upcoming album What Goes Up. Born out of a jam in west side Chicago in 2002, the band now marks a milestone in its career with this release. When they flew Fela Kuti’s original drummer Tony Allen in from Paris, hoping to gain some knowledge straight from the source, through several events including workshops, the group was originally planning to record...Read more »

Rhapsody: "Top 25 World Albums of 2013"

May 11th, 2014

Rhapsody: “Top 25 World Albums of 2013”

Unbeknownst to us, our album "Nyash UP!" released last year was ranked as one of the Top 25 world albums by Rhapsody music. On it we covered Fugazi, Radiohead, Fela, Talking Heads, Ceu, Marvin Gaye, System of a Down, 808 State, and Vandermark 5. Some great picks on this list. Check out Bassekou Kouyate and Ballaké Sissoko -- those records have certainly been heard more than once in the van when we're touring. Thanks, Rhapsody! This article...Read more »

"Chicago Afrobeat Project x Black Market Brass" from The Made Blog

May 7th, 2014

This article originally appeared on The Made Blog. Where: 7th Street Entry | 701 1st Ave. N. Minneapolis,MN | When: Saturday, May 10th | 9pm | Tickets $12/$15 | This upcoming Saturday will feature two large bands to make for one big night. With the Chicago Afrobeat Project in town, it is only right to groove with the ever talented group at one of Minneapolis’ finer venues. It’s not common to find the group performing at a smaller venue like 7th street entry and it isn’t often...Read more »

"Chicago Afrobeat Project at Shank Hall" from

May 6th, 2014

This article originally appeared on Friday, May 9 Chicago Afrobeat Project at Shank Hall When one man basically originates and names a genre, as Nigerian legend Fela Kuti did with “afrobeat,” he’d be wise not to encage his creation in rules, and a major attraction of afrobeat is its funky elasticity as well as its jazzy, rhythmic complexity. So it’s not wrong for Chicago Afrobeat Project to incorporate American sensibilities and styles into its particular version(s) of Kuti’s thing. And...Read more »

"Chicago Afrobeat Project / Black Market Brass" from from

May 5th, 2014

This article originally appeared on Price: $12 - $15 When: Ended 05/10/14 Where: 7th Street EntryWANT TO GOAM GOING Together for over a decade, inspired by the late great Fela Kuti, the Chicago Afrobeat Project offers very big music for a pretty small room this week. You may have seen this group backing Fela's wonderful drummer, Tony Allen, at the Cedar Cultural Center last summer. They've also backed Fela's son, Seun Kuti, in the Windy City, and performed with other Chicago...Read more »

"Chicago Afrobeat Project to Perform at Wire on February 8"

February 1st, 2014

This article originally appeared on Why Berwyn. Chicago Afrobeat Project along with Nick and the Ovorols will both perform at Wire on Saturday, February 8.  In the 10 years since its birth from Chicago’s underground art and loft party scene, Chicago Afrobeat Project has performed coast to coast at clubs and festivals across the United States. 2013 marks the release of “Nyash Up!” the band’s fourth official album project and its best sounding, best produced release so far. Over the years the group has...Read more »

"Afrobeat Blends Rhythms of Chicago and Africa" from "Northern Express"

July 5th, 2013

This article originally appeared in Northern Express from Michigan. Guitarist David Glines has been with the Chicago Afrobeat Project “since the early days,” as he puts it. So he remembers well the formation of the band over 10 years ago, at a Lake Street Loft in downtown Chicago. Today, CAbP, as they’re officially abbreviated, are critically acclaimed, incredibly busy (They play over 100 live shows a year), and ready to bring their Afrobeat sound to Northern Michigan. Afrobeat, an...Read more »

"Best Concerts in the Twin Cities This Week" from Twin City's "CityPages"

May 9th, 2013

Article originally appeared in City Pages. Well over a decade after Fela Kuti's death, his influence remains profound, via Bill T. Jones's award-winning Broadway show based on his life as well as by bands inspired by his signature Afrobeat, a potent mixture of traditional West African music, funk, jazz, soul, and rock. Chicago Afrobeat Project has been around for a decade, initially focusing on Fela material and then coming up with its own variations and working...Read more »

Rhapsody Reviews "Nyash UP!"

March 19th, 2013

Rhapsody Reviews “Nyash UP!”

This review by Rachel Devitt originally appeared on You know how Afrobeat bands always end up sounding like Fela imitators? Chicago Afrobeat Project have a different approach: They capture the soul of Afrobeat, which they carry over into their own unique, updated sound. So Nyash UP! is thick with politics and passion, and nearly boiling over with simmering funk. But while fat, familiar low brass darts in and out, that's filtered through jazz, avant-R&B, lounge and hip-hop. At points,...Read more »

Time Out Weekend Pick: Chicago Afrobeat Project + Sugar Blue (Time Out)

March 8th, 2013

Time Out Weekend Pick: Chicago Afrobeat Project + Sugar Blue (Time Out)

This article appeared in Time Out: Fela Kuti envisioned Afrobeat as an almost revolutionary force, and while it never quite achieved that ambitious goal, years after Fela's death the music he pioneered remains as vibrant and exciting as ever, as channeled by bands such as the Chicago Afrobeat Project, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary and plays behind a fantastic new record, Nyash Up. We suspect that in some quarters blues veteran Sugar Blue is still...Read more » "Chicago Afrobeat Project Connects Lagos to Lake Street"

January 21st, 2013 “Chicago Afrobeat Project Connects Lagos to Lake Street”

This article by Brian Keigher originally appeared on the Hometown stalwarts Chicago Afrobeat Project have presented their original take on the modern Nigerian sound known as afrobeat for a decade. Initially, the group’s shows would feature its original compositions alongside a handful of Fela Kuti songs—which makes sense, since he created this genre in Lagos more than 40 years ago. But Chicago Afrobeat Project’s new CD Nyash UP!—an African play on words of sorts with “mashup”—is...Read more »

Stage Buzz: "Chicago Afrobeat Project and Carly Rae Jepsen"

December 16th, 2012

This article by Janine Schaults originally appeared on the Illinois Entertainer. If the Chicago Afrobeat Project sent out snail-mail invitations to this weekend’s 10th anniversary/CD release celebration, we imagine that a sprinkling of golden saxophone-shaped confetti and the dulcet tones of Sam Cooke’s “Having A Party” would explode from the colorful notes upon opening. Since musical cards are bulky (not to mention expensive, just ask Hallmark), a Facebook event page will have to do. The collective...Read more »

Photographer Michael Weintrob: "Rock Your Palate presented by Thrillist and Mastercard “Priceless Chicago”

November 18th, 2012

Photographer Michael Weintrob: “Rock Your Palate presented by Thrillist and Mastercard “Priceless Chicago”

This article was published from the blog of Michael Weintrob, an amazing Brooklyn photographer with whom the band has worked with over the past few years. On September 13 and 14th I had the great honor of being a co-host for Rock Your Palate.  This was an event that Mastercard and Thrillist put onto to bring food, music and art together in a priceless way. The event took place at theFloating World Gallery in Lincoln Park.   I was...Read more »

South Bend Tribune: "A world of music in Afrobeat band's drums"

September 13th, 2012

South Bend Tribune: “A world of music in Afrobeat band’s drums”

There’s a world in those drums. African in origin. Universal in message. World music, as it’s known in record stores, is a genre founded on the drum skins of Osibisa, Babatunde Olatunji and Fela Kuti. It’s hardly a surprise that Afrobeat found its way to a loft in Chicago. “Basically,” Chicago Afrobeat Project guitarist David Glines says, “one of our members was living in a loft downtown on Lake Street, and we had rehearsals there. “One person would grab another...Read more »

Simmy Swinder of LA Centric Magazine: "Cheech Marin: Up in Art" (Music by Chicago Afrobeat Project)

August 22nd, 2012

Simmy Swinder of LA Centric Magazine: “Cheech Marin: Up in Art” (Music by Chicago Afrobeat Project)

This video interview with Cheech Marin (Cheech and Chong) features music from Chicago Afrobeat Project. Simmy Swinder of LA Centric Magazine interviews writer, director, and comedian Cheech Marin at his Pacific Palisades home. They talk about Cheech’s past and present motivations behind collecting and promoting Chicano art, and take a tour of his home to see the sizable private collection he amassed. They discuss his role in Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge, an exhibition...Read more »

Bridgetown Sound: "Review: The Chicago Afrobeat Project"

July 2nd, 2012

This article originally appeared on the Bridgetown Sound. “You’re in for a treat” I heard the doorman say on my way down to the basement of the Goodfoot.  And boy did I know and was I ready. .  It was refreshing to see that this band had left a lingering legacy at a venue known for having some of the best instrumentalists in the country.  Saturday night marked my third time being treated by the swinging...Read more »

The Selective Echo: "Chicago Afrobeat Project, The Pimps of Joytime among blockbuster Utah Arts Festival’s closing headliners"

June 23rd, 2012

The Selective Echo: “Chicago Afrobeat Project, The Pimps of Joytime among blockbuster Utah Arts Festival’s closing headliners”

This article originally appeared on The Selective Echo. Editor’s Note: Aaron Wolcott provides a concise look at three musical headliners who will send Utah Arts Festival visitors out on some fine notes to close out the 2012 four-day event. Chicago Afrobeat Project, 8:30 p.m., Amphitheater Stage A group with its roots in the Chicago loft party scene and the innovative sounds of Fela Kuti’s Nigerian Afrobeat movement, The Chicago Afrobeat Project is an eight-piece ensemble whose signature style...Read more »

Salt Lake Tribune: "Utah Arts Festival invites the funk out"

June 22nd, 2012

This article originally appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune. We want the funk. Give up the funk. We need the funk. We gotta have that funk. In years past, the Utah Arts Festival has spotlighted rock, country, Americana, blues and jazz bands. This year, there's more funk music, which makes sense since festivals become capital-F Festivals when the music is one long groove that lasts for three days. This year, among the national headliners setting the groove will...Read more »


June 20th, 2012


The Chicago AfroBeat Project's baritone sax man Garrick Smith is looking forward to coming back to the Utah Arts Festival with his band this weekend. "Last time we were there, we had a blast," said Smith, calling from his home base in Chicago. "It was a really good time with a fantastic crowd. They danced their butts off." But then, Smith enjoys playing art festivals, as much for the opportunity that they give him and his cohorts...Read more »

South Bend Tribune: "Chicago Afrobeat Project mashes up styles"

May 3rd, 2012

This article originally appeared in the South Bend Tribune. The band's name establishes that Chicago Afrobeat Project is from Chicago and that it plays afrobeat music. But, that's only part of the story. According to Chicago Afrobeat Project singer Antar Jackson -- his stage name is Squairblaq -- Chicago, as a musical influence, figures significantly in the framework of the group. "Chicago is the birthplace of modern gospel music, the birthplace of house music," Jackson says. "It is...Read more »

Chicagoist: "Pencil This In: Chicago Afrobeat Project At Martyrs'"

February 16th, 2012

Chicagoist: “Pencil This In: Chicago Afrobeat Project At Martyrs'”

We're jazzed around her for the upcoming Seun Kuti show at House of Blues. That doesn't mean we can't indulge ourselves in Afrobeat of a local flavor. Chicago Afrobeat Project pays homage to Fela without sounding like a clone of the founder of Afrobeat. Their sound incorporates Afro-Cuban music, Afican high life and straight up jazz to give a refreshing twist to the persistent rhythmic trance of other Afrobeat acts, and their live act has...Read more »

Newcity: "Preview: The Chicago Afrobeat Project/Abbey Pub"

December 21st, 2011

This article originally appeared on Newcity. RECOMMENDED The hallmark of a good band is its ability to perform in any setting at any time. Gigging at a local Occupy, the Chicago Afrobeat Project played to a sympathetic crowd, one almost expected to take in the confluence of funk, jazz and afro-stylings as the norm. If no one said anything about a post-racial America, they were thinking about it. Several months earlier, though, CAbP did a spot at...Read more »

Bass Player Magazine: "Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Kunle Justice, Afrobeat Goes On"

November 21st, 2011

This article originally appeared in Bass Player magazine. BACK IN 1991, WHEN KUNLE JUSTICE first met Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the godfather of Nigerian Afrobeat hadn’t been in a recording studio in more than two years—but at age 52, he felt he still had plenty left to say. “The music was a passion with him,” Justice says, his accent liberally tinged with a mixture of Yoruba and the Pidgin English he grew up with in Lagos, Nigeria. “And...Read more »

Modern Drummer: "Tony Allen: Afrobeat Innovator"

October 18th, 2011

This article originally appeared in Modern Drummer. Tony Allen, who along with vocalist/activist Fela Kuti created one of groove music’s most glorious subgenres, Afrobeat, deserves a place on the list of the greatest funk drummers of all time. For more than forty years he has been honing a distinctive style that crackles with vitality, pulsates with rhythmic wit, and pushes audiences into dance-party ecstasy. Allen was born in Nigeria in 1940 and began his career as a...Read more »

Daily Iowan: "Chicago Afrobeat Project brings concoction of sound"

September 15th, 2011

The Chicago Afrobeat Project describes its sound as a sort of concoction of flavors. Take Ben & Jerry's ice cream for example. The group members said their genre is like a juxtaposition of Rocky Road and French Toast with a hint of mint. "It's a sound that people will latch onto," said keyboardist Kevin Ford. "It is dance music that Chicago [and other cities] embrace pretty readily." The Chicago-based group's sound can be understood better in an...Read more »

Dave & Squairblaq Interview on WLUW 88.7

August 22nd, 2011

Chicago Reader: "Femi Kuti Reconfronts the "Attitude of Lagos" with Chicago Afrobeat Project's Kevin Ford"

April 28th, 2011

Chicago Reader: “Femi Kuti Reconfronts the “Attitude of Lagos” with Chicago Afrobeat Project’s Kevin Ford”

This article originally appeared in the Chicago Reader. For the first in our series of artists interviewing artists, Chicago Afrobeat Project keyboardist Kevin Ford spoke with Femi Kuti, eldest son of legendary Afrobeat pioneer and Nigerian human-rights activist Fela Kuti, about his new album, his doubts about democracy, and his efforts to protect his father's legacy while carrying it forward. Femi Kuti plays with his band the Positive Force on April 30 at Metro. Kevin Ford: Compared...Read more »

The Examiner: "Chicago Afrobeat Project plays refreshing jazz at the Bottleneck + Previews!"

April 14th, 2011

There certainly is no shortage of exciting shows at the Bottleneck lately, even Wednesday night the bar exploded with brilliant music as Chicago Afrobeat Projectreturned to Lawrence. The eight-peice band of numerous influences explored genres and experimented with solos and jams for a full night of energetic grooves. Wednesday night is usually one of the quieter nights downtown, but parties and shows were abound downtown this week. Early in the night music enthusiasts started gathering for the...Read more »

Der Rath This Weekend: Chicago Afrobeat Project and Nathaniel Rateliff Friday in Der Rath @ 9:30 pm

March 21st, 2011

This article originally appeared on WUD Music. Chicago Afrobeat Project will be traveling on their bus powered by vegetable oil to Madison this weekend. They’ll play a special Friday night performance before Saturday’s Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Celebration. The Afrobeat Blog says “Chicago Afrobeat Project got their start playing parties in the Chicago loft scene and has been touring the country spreading their politically charged Afrobeat message for the last six years.” The band’s traditional afrobeat...Read more »

Soundfuse: "Concert Reviews: Chicago Afrobeat Project"

December 10th, 2010

Soundfuse: “Concert Reviews: Chicago Afrobeat Project”

This article originally appeared on Soundfuse. I arrived to the Mayne Stage and could already hear the music blasting. Having not really looked at the details about the show, I was afraid that I had missed a bunch of Chicago Afrobeat Project's (CAbP) set. The dancefloor was open (just like I had hoped for in my last review of a Mayne Stage show) and people were getting down to the funky good sounds. In fact, there...Read more »

Weekly Volcano: "We Recommend - Chicago Afrobeat Project"

November 10th, 2010

While afrobeat has experienced a hip resurgence of late, this is a group that's been doing it since before it was cool (or as cool as it is today), and one that takes an original approach. As the name implies, Chicago Afrobeat Project has always had the goal of, "breathing the intensity of Chicago's rich music scene into the infectious sounds of afrobeat." Infectious. That word is used a lot in relation to this band....Read more »

KC Confidential: "Donnelly: Chicago Afrobeat Project at the Bottleneck"

November 1st, 2010

KC Confidential: “Donnelly: Chicago Afrobeat Project at the Bottleneck”

This article originally appeared on KC Confidential.  I could hire a band to play my backyard on the sweatiest summer night, this would be it…   Girls would be dancing and twirling and drinking too much.  Maracas would be shaking.  I would be smoking a Cuban cigar and making sure that the girls were drinking too much.  The Chicago Afrobeat Projectwould be cranking out tight funk, rock, jazz, and afro-cuban music. Too bad this show fell on a chilly night in...Read more »

The Salt Lake Tribune: "Chicago Afrobeat Project continues in spirit of Fela Kuti"

October 28th, 2010

Chicago Afrobeat Project's performance at The Urban Lounge on Nov. 1 comes at a bright time for Afrobeat music in the United States. The critically claimed Broadway musical "FELA!" (co-produced by Jay-Z and Will Smith) is in the midst of plans for a national tour, while impressive young bands such as Vampire Weekend and The Budos Band are spreading the joy of Afrobeat to the masses. "I think it may be moving toward its peak," said Kevin...Read more »

Afrobeat Blog Spot: "Chicago Afrobeat Project continues in spirit of Fela Kuti"

October 18th, 2010

This article originally appeared on the Afrobeat Blog Spot. Chicago Afrobeat Project’s performance at The Urban Lounge on Nov. 1 comes at a bright time for Afrobeat music in the United States. The critically claimed Broadway musical “FELA!” (co-produced by Jay-Z and Will Smith) is in the midst of plans for a national tour, while impressive young bands such as Vampire Weekend and The Budos Band are spreading the joy of Afrobeat to the masses. “I think it...Read more »

Citybeat: "Preview: Chicago Afrobeat Project"

January 19th, 2010

Setting contemporary Pop to an African beat is threatening to overtake baseball as the Great American Pastime (I’m talking to you, Vampire Weekend and Extra Golden), but there are plenty of practitioners out there who are hybridizing genres in unique and original ways (I’m not done with you yet, Vampire Weekend and Extra Golden). Among them is the Chicago Afrobeat Project. Formed in 2002, they honed their skills playing the Windy City’s loft party scene,...Read more »

Gapers Block: "Review: Chicago Afrobeat Project @ Martyrs"

December 21st, 2009

This article originally appeared on Gapers Block. Sunset was at 4:21pm on Saturday, but that didn't stop the lineup at at Martyrs' from playing into the wee hours of Sunday morning, winter doldrums be damned. The James Brown tribute band Get Up With The Get Downs kicked things off with their stellar brass section, front man Izzy's endless energy, and a guest drummer who filled in at the last minute with just a few hours to...Read more »

Nashville Scene:

August 13th, 2009

This article originally appeared in Nashville Scene. A couple of years ago, a friend and I were chilling out at Grimey's when Doyle posed the question, "Why is African music so trendy all of a sudden?" My pal and I looked at each other briefly, knowing we were about to purchase a stack of Afrobeat and Afropop compilations, when I blurted, "Because it's awesome and people like awesome." Granted, that's not the most nuanced answer, and...Read more »

Chicago Tribune: "Greg Kot's guide to good Taste"

June 26th, 2009

This article originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune. The Taste of Chicago is like the sun--you can't ignore it, nor can you stare directly at it. Every year, it dominates this city's lakefront like no other event. Our friends in Play told you everything you need to know about stuffing your face. Now, On the Town wants to tell you how to stuff your ears. Taste of Chicago, irrespective of the quality of any year's music lineup,...Read more »

St. Louis Jazz Notes: "Stanton Moore Trio, Chicago Afrobeat Project"

May 12th, 2009

This article originally appeared on St. Louis Jazz Notes. Lucas School House has scheduled two shows in September that may be of interest of St. Louis area jazz fans. Drummer Stanton Moore (pictured), best known as a founding member of the New Orleans funk/jam band Galactic, will bring his Trio to the venue for a concert on Wednesday, September 3, followed by the Chicago Afrobeat Project on Saturday, September 6. Moore's recent trio CD Emphasis (on parenthesis),...Read more »

The Afrobeat Blog: "Chicago Afrobeat Project at Drom-August 9, 2008"

August 14th, 2008

This article originally appeared on The Afrobeat Blog on 08/14/08. The Chicago Afrobeat project lit up the stage at Drom Saturday night when they brought their midwest afroswing to the east village club on the back end of nationwide tour that took them west to California and Colorado before coming to the east coast. The seven-piece ensemble was joined onstage by two dancers from the Muntu Dance Theater of Chicago during the second set at which...Read more »

The Valley-Journal: "37th Mountain Fair delivers musical flair"

July 24th, 2008

This article originally appeared in The Valley-Journal on 07/24/08. From high school rockers, gypsy jammers and Gospel singers to Chicago funk, Columbian Vallenatto and Boulder folk, the 37th annual Carbondale Mountain Fair has it all when it comes to musical entertainment. Best yet, it’s all free in Sopris Park starting Friday evening, July 25, and continuing through Sunday, July 27. Here’s a sampling of the weekend’s offerings. For a full schedule of music and other Fair happenings, see the...Read more » "CAbP: Across the West in Search of Rhythm and Veggie Oil"

June 30th, 2008

This article originally appeared on Chicago Afrobeat Project is just that. A mélange of musicians, dancers and more from this Chicago-based, Fela-inspired collective. Although they’ve been under the moniker since 2002, their debut album didn’t drop until 2005. Their second full-length, (A) Move to Silent Unrest was released late last year and is drawing people even closer to the primal appeal of Afrobeat. Synthesis got a chance to speak with tenor sax player Angelo Garcia while...Read more »

JamBase: "Wakarusa | 06.05 - 06.08 | Kansas"

June 10th, 2008

This article originally appeared on Ears: ringing. Shoes: soaked and muddy. Body: dull ache. Another Wakarusa is officially in the bag. A few unexpected twists and turns made the experience unforgettable, from sword swallowing and impromptu mud wrestling to superb musicianship and the emotional roller coaster of learning your favorite band may not perform. And with that, "Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Let's get this show on the road!" Thursday - Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall Welcome to tornado...Read more »

Daily Illini: "Interview with Chicago Afrobeat Project"

May 24th, 2008

This article originally appeared on the After their stellar Friday performance, I was able to talk to a few members of the Chicago Afrobeat Project, and find out a little more about how the band came about. I spoke with guitarist David Glines, keyboardist Kevin Ford and baritone saxophone player Garrick Smith. Eric: How did the band arrive at an Afrobeat sound coming from Chicago? David: I would say we all came to Chicago first, and everybody in the...Read more »

The Riverfront Times: "Chicago Afrobeat Project"

May 14th, 2008

This article originally appeared in The Riverfront Times. Studious, meticulous, reconstructive genre projects aren't normally well-springs of funk, but most projects don't have unkillable juju driving them forward. With horns, guitars, keys and a convoy of percussion, the Chicago Afrobeat Project draws together as many as eleven young jazz cats (not counting the dancers) to cut loose the polyrhythmic improvisations pioneered by Fela Ransome Kuti and King Sunny Ade. But as certifiable "heads," they also lean...Read more »

JamBase: "Summer Camp | 05.23 - 05.25 | Illinois"

May 3rd, 2008

This article originally appeared on Summer Camp 2008 set the bar for all other summer festivals, and set it pretty high. This year festival organizers pulled out all the stops. They pieced together an impressive slew of genre-spanning bands that filled the weekend with enough musical highlights to fulfill an average music fans entire summer. It was also a prime example of how the fest has evolved from its humble beginnings into a monster event....Read more »

Afrobeat: Beyond Fela and After: "Nigerian Muse-ic: Crisis of Creativity or...?" - 03/22/08

March 22nd, 2008

This article originally appeared on Afrobeat: Beyond Fela and After on 03/22/08. When I was first approached to write an article on Nigerian music for Muse Magazine, I accepted the invitation without hesitation. Truthfully, I was quite excited. Being an ethnomusicologist who had recently returned to Nigeria from the U.S. to do fieldwork in the area of popular music, the prospect of contributing—giving back, as it were, to the society which not only had spawned me, but...Read more »

Chicago Reader's Crickets Blog: "Chicago Afrobeat Project for Kenya"

January 10th, 2008

This article originally appeared on the Chicago Reader's Crickets Blog. If you're on the fence about the Chicago Afrobeat Project's concert at the House of Blues this Friday, consider this: it's just been turned into a benefit for the Kenya Red Cross, which is currently busy aiding people and communities affected by the violence that broke out after the disputed December 30 election. A duo of guitarist Fareed Haque and tabla player Kalyan Pathak opens; other participants...Read more »

Express Milwaukee: "Chicago Afrobeat Project: Tonight @ Miramar Theatre - 8:00 PM"

January 4th, 2008

This article originally appeared on Express Milwaukee. All Afrobeat bands owe some debt to genre pioneer Fela Kuti, but the Chicago Afrobeat Project is particularly beholden to his legacy. The group's latest collection, Move to Silent Unrest, even features cover art painted by G. Lemi, the artist who designed many of Kuti's albums. This isn't to say that the Chicago Afrobeat Project are strict traditionalists, though. Even more than most Afrobeat acts, the ensemble has a...Read more »

Concert Livewire: "An evolution in the afrobeat genre" - 01/04/08

January 4th, 2008

This article originally appeared on Concert Livewire. With the unmistakable afrobeat sounds of Fela Kuti as the backbone, Chicago Afrobeat Project follows in the steps of Antibalas and others across the globe in blending the often fiery and contagiously moving genre with a host of modern influences. CAbP is touring in support of the 2007 sophomore release (A) Move to Silent Unrest and appeared at the Miramar as a nine-piece with two African dancers and a...Read more »

Daytonology: "Stivers Fundraiser Friday and Saturday"

December 13th, 2007

This article originally appeared on Daytonolog. Lets have a bake sale for the arts! Well, sort of. Goloka Gallery over in the Front Street lofts is having a benefit this weekend for Stivers High School since their funding was given an deep cut. It's happening on two days: Friday and Saturday. Given the level of events and some of the guests (including the Chicago Afrobeat Project, which is a suprise) this will probably be pretty crowded. Unfortunalty there is...Read more »

Recoil Magazine: "Interview - Chicago Afrobeat Project"

December 7th, 2007

Article Originally Appeared Here: "Recoil Magazine" Sometimes the hardest part of holding together a band as large as Chicago Afrobeat Project is finding people to play with. The Chicago-based seven- to 14-piece ensemble isn't near making Phish money, and each member's paycheck from gigs gets smaller with each additional member. It's a problem guitarist David Glines worries about, but only from a musician's standpoint. When the Afrobeat veterans are able to add more members for a show –...Read more »

The Daily Iowan: "Diversity Beats"

December 6th, 2007

This article originally appeared in The Daily Iowan. Camp Euphoria favorites Chicago Afrobeat Project will make another local appearance on Saturday at the Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St. Intertwining American rock influences with Nigerian drum styles, the band looks to spread messages of diversity and unison through its ensemble. Sometimes featuring as many as 15 members, or as few as seven, only the core members will make it to Iowa City this time around. "It's tough...Read more »

Quad City Times: "Chicago Band Brings Afrobeat to Audiences"

December 5th, 2007

The article was originally published in the Quad City Times. If the middle name of the Chicago Afrobeat Project sounds unfamiliar to its potential audiences, don’t worry. It was that way to some of its players at one time as well. “When the band first started, I had only heard five African songs in my life,” said Marshall Greenhouse, one of the band’s percussionists. “Now, I’ve heard hundreds.” Afrobeat is credited to Fela Kuti, the leader of the Koola Lobitos,...Read more »

River Cities' Reader: "Finding Its Feet: Chicago Afrobeat Project, (A) Move to Silent..."

December 5th, 2007

This article originally appeared in the River Cities' Reader. The Chicago Afrobeat Project could not have a more plainly descriptive name, yet the band's new CD transcends the ordinary. The group, which returns to the Quad Cities with a show on Friday at the Redstone Room, does its fair share of aimless jamming - all pleasant - but on several occasions it reaches highs that lift up the whole endeavor. Listening to the first track of its new...Read more »

Nashville Scene: "Chicago Afrobeat"

November 27th, 2007

This article was originally published in the Nashville Scene. CHICAGO AFROBEAT The most obvious question with this Fela Kuti-inspired ensemble is: How are they different from fellow Afrobeat torchbearers Antibalas? Chicago Afrobeat proves Antibalas’ claim that Afrobeat is a genre unto itself that can be approached in myriad ways. Chicago Afrobeat distinguish themselves on a number of levels—seeing them on the same bill as Antibalas would even work—and highlight different (less arty) aspects of Kuti’s sound....Read more »

Cut/Paste/Repeat: "Chicago Afrobeat Story"

November 7th, 2007

This article originally appeared on Cut/Paste/Repeat. My editor contacted me at the last minute to write a little blurbish story about the Chicago Afrobeat Project, who is currently maintaining a once-monthly residency at the DeKalb club Otto's. I interviewed the group's drummer, Marshall Greenhouse, which was fun. He gave me the scoop on how the band manages (or mismanages) its budget, and the band's hopes for the future. For the most part I left these juicy details out...Read more »

Northern Star Online - "Afrobeat Visits Dekalb Amidst Busy Schedule"

November 7th, 2007

This article originally appeared in the Northern Star Online. Chicago Afrobeat Project comes to DeKalb tonight hoping to fill Otto’s Niteclub with infectiously kinetic dance music and – hopefully – lots of college kids. “We’re definitely expecting a way better turn out than the last two shows,” said drummer Marshall Greenhouse. The show continues the group’s “First Beat Wednesdays” series at Otto’s, where they will play on the first Wednesday of every month. The group recently released a new...Read more »

ALARM Magazine: "Chicago Afrobeat Project - Review: (A) Move to Silent Unrest"

November 5th, 2007

This article originally appeared on ALARM PRESS. Afrobeat is made to be experienced live. The large bands, spontaneous energy, and multitude of musical influences (fusing funk, R&B, and traditional African sound) are ideal for a concert experience. First coming to prominence with dynamic bandleader Fela Kuti during the political and social turmoil of the 1960s, Afrobeat is energized by participation and action, and best appreciated by a live (and preferably dancing) audience. It’s interesting, then, to hear the in-studio...Read more »

Daily Chronicle Online - "Feel the Beat - Chicago Afrobeat Project to bring..."

November 1st, 2007

Original Article Appeared in the Daily Chronicle Online. Dave Glines knew he wanted to play afrobeat. The guitarist and founding member of Chicago Afrobeat Project first found the polyrhythmic blend of traditional African drumming and vocal harmonies, improvised jazz soloing and the blistering high energy of American funk while listening to the pioneer of the musical style - Fela Kuti. The mix of styles and furious energy spoke to him, and he said from that day forth he would...Read more » | Omaha Weekly Reader: "Chicago Afrobeat Project"

October 19th, 2007

This article originally appeared in the Omaha Weekly Reader. The Chicago Afrobeat Project is dedicated to breathing new life into a style of music that incorporates funk, rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban, high life and juju music into a single entity that gets the people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. Call-and-response percussion songs showcase the complexity of the music and are prominently featured on the band’s newest album, (A) Move to Silent Unrest. The...Read more »

The Signal: "'Afrobeat' brings a taste of Chicago to Rathskeller"

October 17th, 2007

This article originally appeared in "The Signal." When the Chicago Afrobeat Project took the Rathskeller stage on Oct. 9 to play some blistering free-form jazz, eight members were present: two guitarists, two percussionists, two saxophonists, a keyboardist, and a painter. As the rest of the band played its set, an artist stayed busy at an easel, creating an abstract piece as vibrant as the music on stage. "That's Chadwick, and he's been with us (on tour) a bunch...Read more »

Audiversity: "Review: Chicago Afrobeat Project, (A) Move to Silent Unrest"

October 8th, 2007

This article originally appeared online at on 10/8/07. Which do you think is the harder path to take on your way to musical superstardom: diving into the oceanic genres such as pop or rock or rap and trying to distinguish yourself within seas of competitors and ambiguities or taking on a niche genre where there are not only a limited number of fans, but a singular name or personality who pretty much perfected the style at its...Read more »

WUSC Radio's Oddities and Enmities Radio Show Blog: "(A) Move to Silent Unrest"

October 6th, 2007

This article originally appeared on the WUSC Radio's Oddities and Enmities Radio Show Blog. Afrobeat is working its way closer into the mainstream every year, and 2007 is no exception having seen so many releases. CAbP keep a bright spotlight on their influences while dancing around a lot of obscure genres. Jeff Parker from Tortoise is noted as working with the band frequently, but since they're from Chicago, it's pretty much a given that a Tortoise...Read more »

The Daily Page: "Scoops for the week of Oct. 5-12"

October 5th, 2007

This article originally appeared in The Daily Page. Co-owner Steve Manley may not look a day over 30, but B-Side Records on State Street celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. To commemorate the event, the B-Side family will have a bash at the High Noon Saloon on Tuesday, Oct. 16, from 5 to 8 p.m. Musical guests include MaeRae and the Runners Up. The public is welcome. MP3s are not. The Chicago Afrobeat Project has planned a...Read more »

Casual Listening Reviews: "Casual Listening 10-5-07"

October 4th, 2007

Review: Chicago Afrobeat Project – A Move to Silent Unrest (world) Afrobeat is a Nigerian style of jazz-heavy dance music, and Chicago Afrobeat Project brings these deep groves to life stateside. Low saxes and Hammond organ drive a cool, jammy, cosmopolitan sound....Read more »

The Daily Page: "First Beat Thurdays with Chicago Afrobeat Project"

October 4th, 2007

This article originally appeared in the The Daily Page in Madison. Chicago Afrobeat Project has been touring the country for the past five years playing festivals and clubs from coast to coast. Throughout the journey the band has really built a stong following and found a home away from home in Madison, which made it an obvious choice of cities to expand the First Beat series to. On the first Thursday of every month for the...Read more »

St. Louis University News: "CAbP works to bring back a forgotten genre"

September 28th, 2007

This article originally appeared in the St. Louis University News. Afrobeat is a sound that is regaining popularity around the world, with the help of one group in particular-Chicago Afrobeat Project-working to bring this musical genre out of obscurity. "Afrobeat is based on many different musical genres," said Kevin Ford, the band's keyboardist. "It's based on funk, rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban and a whole lot of other genres." The genre takes the variety of musical influences and settles them...Read more »

Minneapolis World Beat: "Chicago Afrobeat Project To Bring Afro Grooves" - 09/19/07

September 19th, 2007

This article originally appeared in Minneapolis World Beat. Afrobeat music does not stand still. Like their funky African forefathers, the Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) will keep the crowds moving. The band mixes polyrhythmic, infectious grooves with political awareness and even hints of hip hop with their horns. The group will be strutting their stuff at the Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, October 5th at 8:00 pm in Minneapolis....Read more »

City Beat: "One World Weekend"

July 18th, 2007

This article originally appeared in Cincinnati's "City Beat." Spend the night as a globetrotter as A View of the World takes guests progressively around the world in a musical, dining, and cultural event. The Chicago Afrobeat Project will be playing jazz-infused afrobeat music all night long, as well as various DJs. Also check out an Asian inspired fashion show, gallery strolls, and appetizers from each hemisphere. One free drink included with ticket, cash bars also available....Read more »

Planet Jackson Hole Online: "Original Tunes right up JH music fan's alley"

June 27th, 2007

This article originally appeared on the Planet Jackson Hole Online. Recipe for Afrobeat: Get the biggest mixing pot you can find and throw in Yoruba music, jazz, Highlife, funk, polyrhythmic percussion, political rhymes. Stir and bring it a roiling boil. Afrobeat’s best-known artist may have been the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Fela Kuti, but Afrobeat bands are popping up all over the U.S., giving props and respect to the genre decades later. Two of them will perform...Read more »

Adventures In Memphis: "Chicago Afrobeat Project"

March 18th, 2007

This article originally appeared in Adventures in Memphis. Do you like jazz, blues, samba, rock, house or reggae? If so, head on over to the Hi-Tone this Sunday for a show by the Chicago Afrobeat Project. They hale from, yes….Chicago, where I’ve seen them a few times and they put on a great show. The band is made up of about 10 members including a few drummers, full horn section, guitars, bass, and, on occasion, traditional...Read more »

The Riverfront Times: "Chicago Afrobeat Project"

February 7th, 2007

This article originally appeared in the "Riverfront Times." The musical legacy left by Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti after his 1997 death is so dense and fruitful that his style continues to germinate around the world. The mere existence of the Chicago Afrobeat Project is proof of this. The group came together in 2002, and since then has embraced a two-fold aim: to make people dance (which isn't hard, given infectious polyrhythms and blistering horn interplay)...Read more »

The Red and Black: "Chicago Afro-beat Project set to perform funk, jazz in Athens"

January 24th, 2007

This article originally appeared in "The Red and Black." For a type of music that originated in Nigeria, Africa, Afro-beat has come a long way to have reached the Chicago, Ill., area. Now the jive is heading south, as the Chicago Afrobeat Project comes back to Athens' own Georgia Theatre. Drummer Marshall Greenhouse said the tour would start in Athens due to the good experience they had playing here last summer....Read more »

L.A. Weekly: "Chicago Afrobeat Project, Rhythm Roots All-Stars at Temple Bar"

December 27th, 2006

This article originally appeared in the L.A. Weekly. Describing most world music is like trying to explain the difference between indigo and violet to a blind man. Not so the Chicago Afrobeat Project, who were born out of loft parties in downtown Chicago in 2002. Their unique array of multiple bassists, saxophonists, drummers and assorted dancers (subject to availability) traces roots down to Nigerian Afrobeat firebrand Fela Kuti, Afro-French funk cyclone Max B. and the Nubian...Read more »

WAER 88.3: "Top of the World's Favorite World Music Albums of 2006"

December 18th, 2006

WAER is proud to offer you the exciting weekly program, Top of the World, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. The program is hosted by Mark Bostick and Connie Wailer. The show features an eclectic mix of world beat, reggae and accessible, danceable music from all over the world. Don't miss this great mix of today's music. Our Favorite World Music Albums of 2006...Read more »

Phillyist: "CAbP brings the funk to Phila"

December 15th, 2006

This article originally appeared in the Phillyist. We knew we were in for a treat this weekend when we saw three different drum stations crammed on the small stage area of World Cafe Live Upstairs. A pair of conga drums were sandwiched between a snare drum set and a regular drum kit. One by one, the artists from Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) strolled out onto the stage. There were indeed three different percussionists, two saxophone players,...Read more »

New York Cool: "Chicago Afrobeat Project - El Dia de Chango"

December 4th, 2006

This article originally appeared in New York Cool. On Monday December 04, 2006 Chicago Afrobeat Project will make its second appearance to New York City. This time at SOBs. Chicago Afrobeat Project has been creating their own unique blend of afrobeat with a 'Chicago' twist for four years now. This east coast tour is in support of debut ablum self titled album which has spent the past 13 weeks in the CMJ New World Charts. The...Read more »

Metroland Online: "Chicago Afrobeat Project"

November 18th, 2006

This article originally appeared on Metroland Online. Club Helsinki, Saturday Chicago world-music collective the Chicago Afrobeat Project bill themselves as “traditional Afrobeat meets ’70s funk,” celebrating the genres of music that became super popular in both Nigeria and in the United States in the ’60s and ’70s. The ever-morphing seven-to-14-piece lineup comprises a percussion section, guitars, keys, bass, and at some shows, even African dancers. Their self-titled debut disc was released last year to rave reviews; The...Read more »

Esquire Magazine: "The Electrified Likembe"

October 1st, 2006

This article originally appeared in Esquire magazine. IN ALL POPULAR MUSIC, the road to suck is paved with good intentions. This is especially true of world music: The very name is anemic, roping in supposedly pure sounds as disparate as Celtic reels and Chinese pentatonic-scale caterwauling. All the more reason, then, to celebrate the stateside Afrobeat underground that's been steadily building for a few years now. And the one single sound that jangled my nerves all...Read more »

Chicago Reader: "The Reader's Guide to World Music Festival"

September 14th, 2006

This article originally appeared in the Chicago Reader. Active since 2002, last year this local combo released its self-titled debut album, which displayed plenty of chops and energy if not much originality—but then again, not many Afrobeat bands ever evolve too far beyond the naked worship of Fela Kuti, who pioneered the relentlessly funky style in Nigeria in the late 60s. Several notable Chicagoans—including kora player Morikeba Kouyate and guitarist Fareed Haque (see above)—make cameo appearances...Read more »

iTunes Review: "Chicago Afrobeat Project" (self-titled)

August 18th, 2006

This review originally appeared on iTunes and As a general rule, it's always a good idea to avoid bands that include the word "Project" in their name. (That goes double if the other words in the name are "Alan Parsons.") Calling your band a "project" implies a certain clinical bloodlessness, a form of studious inquiry that's antithetical to good old-fashioned rocking. (Again, see also: Alan Parsons Project.) But the first rule of rule-making is that...Read more »

Chicago Tribune: "Chicago Afrobeat has jangly, jaunty groove"

August 11th, 2006

This article originally appeared in The Chicago Tribune. The Chicago Afrobeat Project, which released its self-titled debut in late 2005, has constructed its lineup with the same measured pace it brings to its polyrhythmic tunes. The group's songs are musical snowballs, opening as minimalist skeletons--a buoyant bass line or a lone, repeated guitar chord--before picking up keyboards, horns and various percussive elements. Gathering momentum. the songs thunder to a hip-shaking climax. The ballooning roster--local shows can feature as...Read more »

Chicago Innerview Magazine: "Chicago Afrobeat Project"

June 18th, 2006

This article originally appeared in Chicago Innerview Magazine. Four years ago in a third-story loft on Lake Street in downtown Chicago, some musicians experimenting with afrobeat and Chicago’s own diverse music formed Chicago Afrobeat Project. The afrobeat genre, created by Nigerian musician and political activist Fela Kuti, lends very well to cross-genre experimentation as it mixes American funk and jazz with West African juju and highlife music. Ranging from 7 to 11 band members (and still...Read more »

Illinois Entertainer: "Local CD Reviews"

March 3rd, 2006

This article originally appeared in the Illinois Entertainer. Carrying the torch for Afrobeat genre founder Fela Kuti, Chicago Afrobeat Project fuse jazz with African tribal music. Primarily instrumental, this nine-member group are best known for blowing people’s minds with their live show. Along with the ensemble and solo works of drums, keys, horns, and guitars you’ll hear traditional African instruments such as the kora. The group is donating part of the proceeds from the sale of...Read more »

Chicago Public Radio: "Eight Forty-Eight—November 11, 2005"

November 11th, 2005

We're joined by Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, who argues that the U.S. government is not prepared to protect citizens from disasters. Then, we bring you the personal story of one soldier's time in Iraq and the experiences that caused him to change his opinion of the war. And, Chicago Public Radio's Lucia Mauro talks with a man whose roots in Vietnam shape the dances he choreographs. Plus, we talk to Sadhu...Read more »

The Southern Illinoisan: "CAbP appealing to anyone who likes music and dancing"

January 13th, 2005

Chicago Afrobeat Project: 9 p.m., Jan. 20, Hangar 9, Carbondale. A unique combination of rock, jazz and funk mixed with African drum beats. Cover charge: $4-$5. For more information, call (618) 549-0511. The Chicago Afrobeat Project, a nine-member 70s funk- and jazz-infused ensemble, has developed a sound combining rock, jazz, funk and African percussion into a unique percussion-heavy sound that draws audiences from all walks of life -- and gets them dancing. Political activist Fela Kuti created...Read more »

Chicago Reader: "The Reader's Guide to World Music Festival"

September 18th, 2003

This article originally appeared in the Chicago Reader. This recently formed local nine-piece is dedicated to advancing Afrobeat, the funky music developed and popularized by Nigerian legend Fela Kuti. In its tightly wound grooves the group displays a strong jazz sensibility a la electric Miles Davis and just the right amount of restraint: the horns sit out while the percussion percolates beneath extended electric-piano solos, and things are left to simmer for a while en route...Read more »

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