CAbP Kicks off Chicago Summerdance

Summerdance is coming up this week on Thursday, June 14th–opening night.  We’re playing in Grant Park off Michigan avenue near Adams.  Our 2nd CD is done and we’re gearing up for the release in a few months.  The artwork has been provided by Lemi, the artist who did tons of Fela album covers.  In other news, our tour bus is back in the Chicago metropolitan area awaiting some final adjustments before it can once again entertain us and our friends with the spectacle of its sheer size and numerous odd features.

There are also a variety of additional festival dates scheduled for this summer including Dogstock, Jazz in the Park in Milwaukee, Forecastle Festival,  Celebrate Clark Street in Chicago, Art Street in Green Bay, and the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy California in July–2 days, Saturday and Sunday, July 7th and 8th.  We’ll be making stops on the way out and back in the western states, so stay tuned.   End the war!!!  See you around…..

Back to St. Louis, then House of Blues

This Friday brings us to Lucas School House in Saint Louis for an evening show, then Saturday at the Broadway Oyster Bar for an afternoon show (3pm).  That night, we’re performing at “Forty Niner Bye Bye” in Springfield, Illiinois.  Then a late added show–House of Blues on Sunday–sets us opening up once again for Steel Pulse, international mainstays in Reggae.  Thanks to all our supporters for keeping us moving!  Too bad the Bears lost a fair fight in Miami, but yo, in 2027, when we’re in our fifties, they’ll come back for what they left behind!!  They’ll be passing scoring touchdown bombs and we’ll be passing kidney stones!  PEACE!, WE OUT…

St. Louis, Davenport, and Chicago

This weekend (Feb. 1st through 3rd) takes us down to St. Louis for a show at Wash U (private / for students), then to the Red Stone Room once again in Davenport, Iowa, and back on Saturday for our “First Beat” show at the Kinetic Playground.  The last show at Kinetic drew one of the funnest crowds there for us so far.  We start at around 1:30 AM.  Kinetic Playground is across the street from the Aragon Ballroom on Lawrence, near Green Mill and the Riviera.