After many years (more than five!) of playing our 1st Saturday of the month “First Beat” series in Chicago, we’re moving onward.  No more 1am to 5am sets at Kinetic Playground.  The first Saturday in February (the 2nd) will mark the end of an era.  It all began at the Note in Wicker Park playing for the rowdy off-the-streets crowds that packed into the place at 2am as the earlier bars closed.  We had many a fun night there.  Kinetic was a nice change of venue–really cool atmosphere.  The fact is, we’ve decided we’re only going to play more ‘accessible’ shows from now on (for the most part) covering the ‘normal’ evening entertainment hours.  Who knows, we might even try out some new venues.  Stay tuned for a whole array of unpredictable events with CAbP around Chicagoland!

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