We’re enjoying a rare weekend off this week.  We’re gonna party like mad all over town, freed from the confines of the stage and insane from months of touring, a 2nd album recording session, and lots of free schwag beer and well drinks.  We’re also giddy from getting mentioned briefly in Esquire magazine.   Look for remnants of CAbP in local bars, clubs, a really cool party on Saturday by our bus parking spot,  and in the revery of sweet freedom, no thanks to George Bush and the global war on tear(-r)!  In other news, Cavestock was a mud party run by angry ex-deadheads and didn’t pan out.  We couldn’t park our tour bus in their muddy grass and were soon chased off the premises by angry hippies–failed revolutionaries, now addicted to trailer crack, we surmise.  It was all very strange.  (What’s with all the Sudafed?)  Carbondale, at the Hangar 9, was a blast as always.  Check out our 2nd of the new “1st Beat” series at The Kinetic Playground on Saturday, October 2nd.

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