It is with deepest sympathies that we announce the death of Omololu Falobi, founder and executive director of Journalists Against AIDS Nigeria (JAAIDS), the non-profit organization that creates innovative communication programs to help combat AIDS in Lagos, Nigeria. Falobi was killed during an armed robbery on his way home from a speaking engagement to teenagers about social responsibility.

On a personal note, Omololu showed immense enthusiasm in partnering with Chicago Afrobeat Project from our very first email exchange. He worked dilligently with us to craft appropriate messages for our CD release party and ongoing communication at our performances.  We are further saddened that Omololu did not live to see CAbP’s largest donation to the organization which we contributed just days after his death (prior to hearing the news).

We look forward to working with the organization further and helping to promote Omololu’s vision for JAAIDS.

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