Hip hop meets afroeat this Friday night, January 11, at the House of Blues in Chicago when CAbP helps Kenyan/American band Extra Goldenwho has serveral members currently living in Kenya and unable to work due to the humanitarian crisis there. The Kenyan Red Cross is raising $15 million for for 500,000 Kenyans suffering from a recent post-election uprising in Kenya. CAbP is donating a portion of the House of Blues benefit to both Extra Golden and the Kenyan Red Cross.

At the performance, CAbP will feature emcees from the All Natural Crew along with break dancing from the Chicago Brickheadz, CAbP’s African dancers, and live art from Chicago artist Chadwick (Mos Def, Cook Kids, Lady Soverign). Master talking drummer T.J. Okulnola from Nigeria also joins the band. Fareed Haque kicks off the night at 9 p.m.


Chicago Brickheadz








Eboney & Tosha



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